We're building a core group of actors to work on our shows. We're always interested in working with new people.

If you’d like to be involved, fill out the form here and introduce yourself. Ideally, we’d love to see a sample of your work, so if you can send us a link to a video demo, that would be great.


First, you’ll a quiet place away from traffic noise, kids, etc. where you can record the show.

You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer. Something from the last few years, capable of quickly running current browser software.

You’ll need a solid broadband internet connection, and it’s also important to make sure that no one in your household is streaming video, etc. while we’re recording, as this will definitely affect the quality of the connection.

Very important - you’ll need the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser. It can be downloaded here.

A pair of headphones. Could be as simple as earbuds, or as fancy as studio headphones. Whatever you have.
A microphone. A USB mic attached to your computer, or even the little mic on a pair of earbuds works quite well. Headsets with boom mics or microphones build into a laptop often don’t give very good results.

We currently use Google Hangouts to collaborate on plays. You’ll need a Google or Gmail account to log in.

As a backup we’ll also have you record your audio on your computer and send it to us after the session. We’ll send you a small audio recording program along with instructions to make this easy.

I'll also ask you to email me a picture and bio to be included in the show notes on this website


Usually, recording an episode of Amy’s Horse takes less than an hour. And it’s a lot of fun!

In advance of the scheduled recording time, I’ll do a quick connection test with you to make sure that you’re properly set up, I can hear you, and that the sound quality is what we need.

Other than that, your only prep is to read the script in advance, and be familiar with your part.

At the appointed hour, each of the participating actors will login to Google Hangouts using the link I’ll provide. We’ll also make sure everyone is recording audio on their own computer using the program I sent you.

Once we’re all connected, all you need to do is talk. It’s that simple.

Most of all, this should be fun. It’s essentially old-school radio theatre updated for the internet age. Be big, be funny, be yourself.

After we’ve recorded the play, we’ll stick around and chat for a while.

And, that’s it!