In 2011, after 16 years in New York, Chris Flockton moved with his family to rural Vermont.

Since then, he’s had many conversations with old friend and frequent collaborator, Brian O’Neill, about forming a theatre company to produce a summer staged reading series of new works.

The two had this romantic vision of a group of actors sitting around a makeshift table in Chris’ barn. His wife, Amy’s, horse snuffling around in the background. They affectionately referred to the company as “Amy's Horse.” After all, what could be better than rehearsing an exciting new piece of theatre accompanied by the smell of fresh horse shit?

But starting a new theatre company is a massive endeavor. Plus, there are companies right in the neighborhood doing just this sort work, and doing it amazingly well (Northern Stage and Weston Playhouse to mention a couple).

Why not do something completely different? So, Chris came up with an idea to leverage the technology he’s already using in his voiceover career, and have actors and writers collaborate on new works remotely via the internet. A raw, 21st century version of sitting around that table in the barn.

And while we’re at it, why not make it fun! A gathering. Like a cocktail party.

So, the project changed, but the name remains the same. With the added benefit that it smells a whole lot better!