Latest - Episode Ten!
Crawl and Perfect. Two plays by Crystal Skillman

This is cutting edge, people! Check it out, it's a wonderful concept.
— Elizabeth Gans - NYC Casting Director
Amy’s Horse is a theatre podcast hosted by Chris Flockton that brings together writers and actors to read new works. And chat. And maybe have a drink.

Each episode features two new short works. The twist is that all the actors are working remotely from the comfort of their own homes. No rehearsals. Just a live reading of a new script.

The cast performs together over the internet, and the resulting chaos is recorded in a studio in Vermont, then published as a podcast.

Think of it as a big theatre conference call with refreshing beverages.

After each play, the host, actors, and writer chat about the script, and whatever else is on their minds. It’s no holds barred, in a funny, sometimes moving, often hilarious exchange of ideas.

So, giddy up! It’s Amy’s Horse!

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